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  • Chillfire Seth (Seth Morrison) - Guitar/Vocals

  • Aaron Decker  (Aaron Decker) - Lead Guitar

  • Groove Master Kev (Kevin Sachs) - Bass

  • The Beat Bringer (Mike DiGiovanni) - Drums





Latest Album:

Self Titled - The Freezer Bees

notable shows

Hailing from the small town of Utica, Michigan, The Freezer Bees have taken over the local Austin music scene with a distinctive blend of infectious pop hooks, gritty rock riffs, and undeniable charisma. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Cage the Elephant, Saint Motel, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and the Arctic Monkeys, this ensemble delivers a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly original.

Fronting the band is Seth Morrison, whose raw, emotive vocals coalesce with his vivid guitar playing to create an experience that audiences can truly connect with. Seth's songwriting is deeply personal yet universally relatable, weaving tales of love, loss, and the trials of modern life into anthems that beg people to sing along.


At Seth's side is Aaron Decker, whose driving guitar riffs and tasteful solos add dimensions to The Freezer Bees' sound. Aaron's sound on his signature surf blue guitar is the perfect counterpart to Seth's rhythm playing and vocals; The dynamic duo that make up the melodic section of the Freezer Bees.


Kevin Sachs sets the groove with his basslines, combining elements of funk with traditional pop playing to create music that is both unique and intimate. Kevin's consistency and creativity serve as the backbone of The Freezer Bees' sound, ranging from sensual and melodic anthems to high-energy expressions of emotion.


The glue that brings their sound together is Mike DiGiovanni, whose drumming and versatility add a sense of energy and excitement to the band's live shows. Mike's in-your-face sound and creative fills light up crowds and maintain The Freezer Bees’ notoriety for high energy and infectious shows.


With their debut album “Self Titled” and growing local fanbase, The Freezer Bees are poised to springboard into the main stage of Austin’s music scene. Their energy, undeniable talent, and sense of humor make them stand out as a once of a kind show, and a prime example of the culture and creativity that comes from ATX.

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